525000 Contractor

“Because sometimes you just don’t want to leave a Stump”Product 9,2

The Tree Puller is designed to remove the ENTIRE tree ~ ROOTS and ALL!  The powerful jaws and sharp teeth provide a strong grip for exceptional pulling power.  The Spade points are used to dig roots and loosen soil. The Tree Puller can also be used to remove posts and stakes or even move large rocks and boulders.

Model: 525000

Weight: 723 lbs

Features Include:

  • 14″ Opening
  • Double Row of TeethProduct 9,1
  • Telescoping Cylinder Guard
  • Spade Points for Digging Roots and Root Ripper
  • Blades are Tempered 3/4″ T1 Alloy Steel
  • Includes Hoses
  • Includes Quick Attach Brackets and Hydraulic Couplers
  • Includes Brush Guard